Saturday, June 12, 2010

Life Update

So, I haven't exactly been what you'd call a faithful blogger (as my nearly a dozen followers would certainly agree), but since I have an evening free I thought I would update my blog.

Katie is currently in Oklahoma shooting a wedding with our good friend Stancy Higley of Stancy Higley Photographie. (check out the logo...yeah Katie made that!) Katie continues to discover new talents and I am very impressed and proud of her undertakings. Check out Katie's own website to see some of her work.

Meanwhile, I have completed my first year of medical school! It was a challenging year, but I made it through and had a lot of fun being married, making new friends, and starting my medical education.

Katie and I with our good friends the McCord's and the Rondeau's at the Roaring '20s themed formal called Cadaver Ball. We had a blast and got to teach my classmates how to "Superman".

Katie and I went to Madrid in March to visit Sarah Miller. Next to our honeymoon, it was the best week of the last year!

We had a blast hanging out with Sarah's novio (boyfriend) Sergio. He was an excellent ambassador for Spain. They gave us the insider's tour of Madrid and we can't wait to go back and see them!

Currently, I'm halfway through a family medicine preceptorship here in College Station. The experience has been better than I even imagined. Working with patients again has been a refreshing reminder of why I wanted to become a doctor in the first place! Additionally, the physician that I am working with is an excellent teacher and makes sure that I am getting a well rounded experience and LOTS of hands on training.

In just over two weeks I leave for Commissioned Officer Training in Montgomery, Alabama. The course lasts five weeks and will be long days filled with classroom work, leadership training, and daily fitness excercises. The most difficult thing will be being apart from Katie for so long. I anticipate that time will pass quickly as we'll be very busy and Katie and I are long distance pros from our dating days.

Katie starts a full time job in August with Central Baptist Church as the administrative assistant to the preschool minister. Her job duties will include designing various mailouts and invitations as well as event planning. We are very excited about this blessing and, as always, are in amazement at God's provision for us!

I'll close this lengthy post with some pictures from our honeymoon in Cancun last July.